Ecommerce Website


eCommerce stands for electronic commerce, Transaction between buyer and seller will be done via electronic mode. Money is transferred electronically by using internet services.

Purpose for eCommerce Website/business :

  • It will save lot of time for the customer and seller, as customer can reach out to the service provider or seller from his/her home, ease and convenient for both the parties.
  • It increases profits and the size of the market, Globalization.

How an eCommerce business or eCommerce website becomes successful ?

Niche eCommerce

Brand Differentiator : If you are unable to differentiate yourself from mass then you cannot be successful in a long run. You need to make yourself different from the crowd, for that you need to give “Best Product”  Aesthetic, Durable, Customize etc this will set your business product a notch above the rest. You should and must follow “Powerful Brand values and mission”  Customers are willing to spent more on the product who has more brand value than the others and a good mission makes you win over those customers.

Top notch Customer experience : In eCommerce, now a days small stores are competing with the large giants who has marketplace and brand. You must be able to provide them an empathetic customer experience and service as it is best tool to outshine those brands and market leaders. You need to provide them “Seamless, easy navigation” an eCommerce store needs to provide an effortless and quick look at the store’s product, shipping policy and return policy above that there must be “Friction-less Check out process” nearly 30% of customers abandoned the site because of the lengthy and complicated check out process so you need to be very careful during drafting of this process. “Consistent Multi-channel experience” There must be multichannel experience at your eCommerce store as a result shoppers spend more than single channel experience. “Trust worthiness” in an eCommerce store you are asking customers to bring out their wallets and spend money even before they have touched their products and you are asking over sensitive Personal data and bank data to gain trust you must provide following details to your customers. select the best eCommerce website builder or best eCommerce website design company.

Best eCommerce Website identification by its policy

Easy Return/Refund Policy: The return and refund policy should be there and it must clearly states all the norms and conditions for returning the products or getting any refund from the products. It is one of the crucial thing every customer looks at before purchasing any products from the market giants or the niche eCommerce stores.

Detailed Product Content: Approximately more than 80% Customers say they need a detailed product content along with the clear photograph of the product from different angle to have better perception of the product. If you are able to provide these details then possibility of proceeding for check out will be high.

Transparency above all: No matter what you sell and at what price you need to have transparency on each and every product you sell, in-terms of Quality, Price, Return/Refund Policy. This is how you gain trust from your existing and new customer.

Remarkable Marketing Strategy for eCommerce website business:

When you are starting a small eCommerce business or eCommerce store you need to have a launch day offer and that must be reached to the targeted customer and that offer must continue for at least a week, month or at least it has reached to our potential customer. Once it is reached and people started purchasing products from your online store you can change your strategy differently.

eCommerce Marketing: It needs deep understanding of your targeted market, their interest, their talks about the products, Impacts of products on their lives. All you need to concentrate on these questions and build a plan to cover all these things. A Plan to “Stand out of the Crowd” your business should be distinct in the minds of the customer which enables us to get good number of customers. You need to make aware about your brand to the customers by depicting unconventional logo design either it is on your product or on your store. Digital is visible today, try to opt for Digital Marketing ServicesSocial Media Marketing services.

Functionality of eCommerce Website:

  • Registration
  • Shopping Cart
  • Payments
  • Product Management
  • Order Management
  • Taxes and Shipping Cost
  • Delivery of services or product.
  • Satisfaction of customer
  • Closure
We can offer you best eCommerce website in  Hyderabad for below categories.
  • eCommerce Website for Business to Consumer (B2C) In this eCommerce model a business sell their goods and services to their consumer. ( Consumer purchase Footwear, Accessories from a retailer or wholesaler) Here in this model we can have two types of vendor namely Single vendor or Multiple vendor. Single Vendor will be selling goods with single brand. Multiple vendor will be selling goods with multiple brands.
  • eCommerce Website for Business to Business (B2B) In this eCommerce model a business sell their goods and services to other business. ( ABC business sell it’s software to XYZ business)
  • eCommerce Website for  Consumer to Consumer (C2C) In this eCommerce model a Consumer sell their goods and services to another consumer. ( Consumer purchase an old furniture from the seller)
  • eCommerce Website for  Consumer to Business (C2B) In this eCommerce model a Consumer sell their goods and services to a business. (A Freelancer sell his/her specialized skills to the business such as Photographer sells his/her photos to a business where they can resale it)

Kind of eCommerce transactions

  1. Retail: Direct sale to consumer
  2. WholeSale: Bulk Sales with discounted rate to Retailer sometime to consumer.
  3. Dropshipping: Sale of a product, manufactured and shipped to a consumer by third party.

How WebTrust solutions will help for an ECommerce project?

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